Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silly dogs

This week has been crazy busy. I have been working on custom orders and cleaning house..lol. Tonight my boyfriend and I were watching American Idol and I paused it to take the brownies out of the oven. I sat back down and Journey jumped on my lap and started growling at the television. When I had paused the tv, there was this cute dog with a robe on some commercial. Journey kept growling and growling at the dog. He then jumped down and charged. He got right up to the tv and started barking and barking. Well, of course Phoenix who copies his brother all the time decided to start barking at the dog on tv as well. Matt and I were laughing so hard. Then Shadow who I believe doesn't know how to bark, started making this hiccuping noise (his version of barking). It was barely audible which made us laugh even more. His head was barely moving and he was barely making any noise but he thought he was being vicious..lol. Later on in the evening I went back to the commercial to see what they would do and they started growling and barking at the cute dog on tv again. Im going to videotape them doing it sometime this weekend and post it because it is so cute.



Angela said...

That is so funny! (I love that dog in the robe commercial) Once, my dog was watching TV, (some animal show) when the animal ran out of the scene, my dog thought he was behind the television. Dogs are the greatest when you need a laugh.

Deanna said...

Oh my gosh!! I can just see my little furry cousins doing that! I hope you can video tape them!

Deanna :D

Laurie said...

They didn't want another dog on their turf! They are so funny. You need to video tape that.