Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have been making items to put up on etsy. I made this one tonight and called my mom to tell her and she immediately said "I want it" : ) . I am going to see her tomorrow so she was all excited. The bracelet is made with a sterling silver clasp, sterling silver crimp beads, and swarovski crystals and swarovski spacers.


Deanna said...

Wow prima! That is just beautiful! Great are awesome!

Deanna :D

Diamondaj said...

Thanks prima!

Mike said...

It's very beautiful

Dawn said...

Very pretty bracelet - did it make it to Etsy or does your Mom have it now? lol

I wanted to drop in and tell you that I played the tag game... well, sort of. Go have a look - I posted your link for others to come and visit you.

Have a great weekend! ;o)

Laurie said...

That bracelet is so pretty iaeI hope you are having a good week.
love ya,

Betty BeadBug said...

Lucky Mom...this piece is gorgeous.