Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year, New Things

I sat here looking at my craft table. I had beads everywhere! Pieces of wire all over the place! I decided to organize and get it all cleaned up. I can't believe how fast an organized area can get all crazy and messy.
I have been doing trade shows these past few months. The people I have met at all these shows have been amazing. They are the nicest, sweetest people ever. I am so blessed to have built many friendships going to these. I have so much fun!
I still love making jewelry and have decided to sell more items. I am now selling purses, belts, caps, and some t-shirts. I love them. These are not handmade so will not be on my etsy site. I will start off by selling them on facebook at
I think it will be a good start because I can just take a credit card over the phone or take checks.
What do you think of them?
Anyway, I hope everyone's year has started out great. I believe this year will be a good one : )

Friday, September 4, 2009

Trade Shows

So I am venturing out and will be participating in trade shows. My first one is in a couple of weeks, and I am nervous and excited. A couple of friends and I decided to go into the trade show business : ) I will be selling my jewelry. My friend Staci will be selling decorative frames and centerpieces, and Jennifer will be selling crosses. Our first trade show is on September 19-20 here in downtown Midland.

Tomorrow morning we will get up bright and early and hit garage sales. We are hoping to find items to help us display our products. We are far from traditional, so no telling what we'll find or come up with. Starbucks will most definitely need to be in I would appreciate any tips and advice on trade shows. Have ya'll participated in any? How did it go? Any trade show stories I would love to hear : )

This weekend is the closing weekend for Summer Mummers. I have not participated as much this year as in the past due to having a weekend business, but I still love it. I always get teary eyed when we sing the last song on the last night. Then begins the count down for auditions and wondering who is going to direct next year's show? Who will be cast? Who will audition? Who won't audition? What will the new Olio acts be? What will the theme be? It's very exciting. We get so sad at the end of the summer. We can't stand to be away from each other, so we then have football days/nights where we get together and eat/watch the games. Then we have game nights where we play board games. This holds us over until May when kick off starts for the next show which will be my 10th year involved with the! It seems like yesterday when I first auditioned.

That's all for now friends : )

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Couple of new ones

Here are some pics of some bracelets I made over the past couple of days with glass pearls and seed beads. What do ya think?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Bash

My cousin Deanna over at is having a birthday bash today. We are all posting our baby pics. Here are a couple of mine when I was 2. I was called "girly curly" because my hair was so curly. When I was born, my cousins called me "onion head" and "tweety bird". I had hair sticking straight up on top of my head. I can't wait to see all the pictures. Happy Birthday Prima!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rehearsals Over!!!

Well, we opened Summer Mummers last weekend which means no more rehearsals..yay! I can finally get back into making jewelry, cleaning house, and cooking. I will be making enchiladas tomorrow night. I can't wait. I might attempt to make spanish rice. Sometimes it comes out great and others....
My boyfriend's family was in town from Minnesota last week. We had a real nice time. I cooked up some ribeyes with cherry sauce one night and some tacos the next. My mom came over as well. We all went to the drive-in which is always a blast. My dogs are super spoiled now that they had both "grandmas" over at the same time, plus their "Aunt Debbie" They got to meet their cousin Merlin. He is a very cute Boston Terrier.
I started this bracelet last night and finished it about an hour ago. Here are some pics. What do ya think?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Many people say an unorganized home leads to a chaotic life. I I have been trying to organize everything in the house. Is it me or does it seem like there is never enough room? I have tons of closet space, but they are all full. My goal for this next week is to get rid of anything that I have not worn in the past year. I have so many pairs of shoes that it is ridiculous. I always bag all my stuff and give it to my mom who either has a garage sale or gives it to people in need. Make-up, love it. I have so much of it that I bought all these organizers to try and get it in order. The funny thing about it is that I don't wear it Guess I'll get rid of a lot of that as well.

If you have any organizational skills or ideas. Please share them with me while I'm on my quest to organize my house.

Thanks : )

Monday, April 20, 2009

Checking In

Hey everybody,

I've been MIA for awhile due to going out of town. My mother wrecked her truck, so I went to visit her so she could use my car to go to work. I was in a little town with nothing to do. I took cases of beads, and we made a ton of jewelry. I am hoping to post pics soon. Mom and I had a great time. We went to my brother's house on Easter. I got to see family and have a nice time while there.

Well, we decided to keep a puppy. We kept the little one and named her Raven. She was so sweet at first. Now, she's a little She runs around and chases/bites the other dogs. My poor babies are terrified of Staci, one of my best friends, took the little boy. She says he fits in perfectly.

If you are in Midland/Odessa area, make sure to go and see Rent this weekend or next. You can call the box office at 570-4111 to reserve tickets. It's going to be a great show. I'm going to go see it on May 2nd.

I can't wait for Sunday! Sunday will be Summer Mummer kick off party at the Yucca. Everyone is invited to come have food/drinks at 5:30pm. You can sign up to work bar, popcorn, etc. Auditions will begin at 6:30pm. Saturday is my birthday so maybe we'll have cake : ) hint