Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rehearsals Over!!!

Well, we opened Summer Mummers last weekend which means no more rehearsals..yay! I can finally get back into making jewelry, cleaning house, and cooking. I will be making enchiladas tomorrow night. I can't wait. I might attempt to make spanish rice. Sometimes it comes out great and others....
My boyfriend's family was in town from Minnesota last week. We had a real nice time. I cooked up some ribeyes with cherry sauce one night and some tacos the next. My mom came over as well. We all went to the drive-in which is always a blast. My dogs are super spoiled now that they had both "grandmas" over at the same time, plus their "Aunt Debbie" They got to meet their cousin Merlin. He is a very cute Boston Terrier.
I started this bracelet last night and finished it about an hour ago. Here are some pics. What do ya think?