Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Bash

My cousin Deanna over at is having a birthday bash today. We are all posting our baby pics. Here are a couple of mine when I was 2. I was called "girly curly" because my hair was so curly. When I was born, my cousins called me "onion head" and "tweety bird". I had hair sticking straight up on top of my head. I can't wait to see all the pictures. Happy Birthday Prima!


Deanna said...

There's my little Onion Head!!! Oh prima, you look so precious and I so remember you when you were that age! How time has flown....!!

Thank you for celebrating with me my lovely cousin!! I couldn't imagine having this blast without you!!!

Love you always,
Your Oldest cousin,
Deanna :D

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What precious pics of you as a child!! Love all that curly hair. My mother had to go to great lengths to even get my hair to curl...the dreaded pink sponge rollers were a Sat. afternoon torture I always had to endure!!

Angelic Accents

Mom of 2 Roses said...

I didn't call you onion head but you were my girly curly! I've always loved those pictures of you!

Lisa said...

OH what a sweet little girl!! I can't believe a cousin would call you onion head! I'm sure she means is as a term of endearment!! Isn't this a fun party! It's so nice to meet you!
Hugs, Lisa

Cori G. said...

What wonderful little nicknames for such a cute girl ;-). Even onion head is darling altho I doubt you really looked like an!!!

xoxo Cori

Thanks for stopping by my blog for this grand affair.

Sares said...

Too cute! I have to say though you look less than thrilled to have your portrait taken! Did they have to bribe you? I love the curls. I had some when I was little, but they disappeared with adulthood unfortunately!

It was a pleasure stopping in,
Sares @ Loveleigh Treasures

Farren and Byisteal said...

Onion are too lovely to be called Onion Head...Deanna, shame on you! We didn't get to post our baby pictures as Byisteal and I are out in Florida right now with our hubby's and kids on a family reunion. This is the first chance we had to comment on all the party goers!

Enjoyed meeting you !
Farren and Byisteal

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What cute photos! So glad to have met you. This was such a fun party!. Love your curls. My mom always wanted me to have curls so I endured the torture of permanents so that I could have Shirley Temple curls.

Hugs :)