Friday, January 16, 2009

New stitched bracelet

I stitched this bracelet last night. I like color, so I made this one with a variety of colors. I need to order more swarovski so I can make a double strand. I am going to make a pork roast with saurkraut tomorrow. I invited my cousin Robert and his girlfriend Jaime to come over. Matt and I love when they come over. We watch movies, play games, and just sit and chat. Last night Journey drove us crazy. He had chewed up a plastic ball that squeaked. Well, we threw it away because Phoenix will eat it if not. Journey stood by the trash can and cried and cried. He would look up at Matt with those puppy dog eyes pleading "dad, I need that ball". As soon as Matt would turn to face the tv, Journey would jump up and try to get the ball out of the trash can. When Matt would turn around, he would sit quickly as to not get caught and give his sad look. He's so sneaky. I tried to give him other toys, but no, he wanted that chewed up ball. When he finally realized he was not going to get it, he jumped up on the chair and laid down all sad like. Poor Journey.


Dawn said...

Lovely Bracelet!

My sheltie 'Cooper' goes crazy when we squeak his squeaky toy! He barks non-stop and charges around. Our cats don't appreciate that very much!

Have a wonderful weekend with your company!


Angie said...

I love the color in that bracelet. So colorful!

Deanna said...

I will send you a check on Monday. Send me whatever you think I might like. If you have that bracelet that I liked, send that.

Aww poor baby. I can just imagine those sad puppy dog eyes. Bootsie has that mastered so well.

Say hi to Matt and give a hug to your mom.

Love you,

Diamondaj said...

Thanks ya'll : )

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

Wow, That's very cool. How long did that take? Looks like it took a long time. ^_^

Deanna said...

Oh prima, I had no idea that your mom wanted to open a thrift shop. I now that your mom would be a great shop owner. She has always had that in her.

You are probably shouldn't cost too much to rent a space. She should try in Seminole. She could get a good quote on insuring all of the items she wants to sell.

Love ya,
Deanna :)

Diamondaj said...

I might look into this for her. I think it would be great : )

randomcreative said...

Beautiful! Great color combination!