Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Couches

Improv was fun Friday night. I could not shake the headache I had though. It was horrible. We had a big crowd and some crazy moments. Saturday night I missed my first improv ever. I had to work so I could not perform. I totally missed my friends getting engaged on stage. One of my friends recorded it and you can see it here . That is so exciting. They are such a cute couple and met at the theatre as did most of my friends and their spouses.

My mom and her boyfriend came over today to bring our new couches. Well, they are not new new, but new to us : ) I love them. They are very wide and roomy. Well, I cooked for us. When everyone was finished eating, I asked, well thought I asked my mom's boyfriend if he was full in spanish. Well, everyone started laughing and my mom said, "you just asked him if he is pregnant". I guess I need to brush up on my


Deanna said...

OMGosh...that is funny! What did you say?

Deanna :)

Diamondaj said...

I just laughed and asked what the right word Btw, you should be getting a box in the next couple of days : )

Laurie said...

Oh Prima that is hilarious!
Take a pic of your new couches for me.
Love ya,